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ONLINE BOOK Lean Math: Figuring To Improve




Lean Math: Figuring to Improve

by Mark R. Hamel

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Lean transformations are decidedly more challenging when the math is inconsistent with lean principles misapplied, or just plain wrong. Math should never get in the way of a lean transformation, but instead should facilitate it. Lean Math is the indispensable reference for this very purpose. A single, comprehensive source, the book presents standard and specialized approaches to tackling the math required of lean and six sigma practitioners across all industries, seasoned and newly minted practitioners alike.

Lean Math features more than 160 thoughtfully organized entries. Ten chapters cover system-oriented math, time, the -ilities (availability, repeatability, stability, etc.), work, inventory, performance metrics, basic math and hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation, and more. Two appendices cover standard work for analyzing data and understanding and dealing with variation. Practitioners will quickly locate the precise entry(ies) that is relevant to the problem or continuous improvement opportunity at hand. Each entry not only provides background on the related lean principles, formulas, examples, figures, and tables, but also tips, cautions, cross-references to other associated entries, and the occasional Gemba Tale that shares real-world experiences. The book consistently encourages the practitioner to engage in math-assisted plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycles, employing approaches that include simulation and trystorming. Lean Math truly transcends the numbers by reinforcing and refreshing lean thinking for the very purpose of Figuring to Improve.


"While the technical, social, and management sciences behind lean must be learned by doing, their conceptual bases are absolutely validated by the math. This validation is particularly crucial to overcoming common blind spots ingrained by traditional practice. This text is a comprehensive and readable resource for lean implementers at all levels who are seeking a deeper understanding of lean tools and systems. Clear diagrams and real-world examples create a bridge for readers between theory and practice theory proven by practice. If math is the language of science, then Lean Math is indeed the language of lean science."

--Bruce Hamilton, President, Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, Director Emeritus for the Shingo Institute

"There are so many ways to quantify value, display improvement, and define complex problems that choosing the right methods and measures becomes an obstacle to progress. Lean Math helps remove that obstacle. Almost daily, operations leaders in every industry need the practical math and lean guidance in these pages. Now, finally, we have it in one place."

--Zane Ferry, Executive Director, National Operations, QMS Continuous Improvement, Quest Diagnostics

"Lean Math fills a huge gap in the continuous improvement library, helping practitioners to translate data, activities, and ideas into meaningful information for effective experimentation and intelligent decisions. This reference comes at a critical time for the healthcare industry as we struggle to improve quality, while controlling costs. Though we don't make widgets, our people, processes, and patients will benefit from the tools provided in this reference. The numerous examples, as well as the Gemba Tales, bring life to the principles and formulas. Lean Math is impressive in both scope and presentation of content."

--Tim Pettry, Senior Process Improvement Specialist, Cleveland Clinic




















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Mark R.
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